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Language of the National Anthem

Since Sinhala and Tamil languages are both constitutionally “National” languages, and since they are both constitutionally “Official” languages, and since they are synonymous in lyrical meaning, and since they are sung in the identical musical composition there is absolutely no rational reason to not sing the Tamil translation of the anthem at official events of the State. And because the anthem is only meaningful when the singer understands the words, it should be allowed to be sung in their preferred language.

Why pay the Board Members of Public Institutions?

Most of the time these people sit on multiple boards simultaneously. They are chairpersons of their own enterprises, directors of other private corporations, and even board members of other Public Institutions. And unless they are fully retired, they spend most of their time in their regular day job as CEOs, lawyers, doctors, lecturers etc. So the question is while we certainly value their acumen, do they really need to be paid from the Public money. 

How to select Top Officials to Public Corporations

It is commendable that the President wants to select suitable decision-makers to Public Corporations without them being mere and ad-hoc political appointments. However, the process thus far seems somewhat weak. Various people are complaining about the process. There had been some embarrassing withdrawals after appointments. And there is an unacceptable […]

New Cabinet of Ministers – How to make?

A new Cabinet of Ministers being appointed after the presidential election is inevitable. It is not only fair but also constitutional. However, it must be done intelligently and with understanding. Otherwise, the people’s decision on the 16th of November 2019 could be devalued. There are two main phases when appointing […]

The lost generation and the rise of the millennials

My generation rise to leadership by skipping the leadership gap of the above lost generation. Therefore it will bring a great culture shock. The old generation will soon be removed by nature. The remnant children of the 70’s will retreat. But the old ghosts are back in action to stop the millennials. The cursed son of the Satanic father of 88-89 and the fascist Prince wrapped in a white National cape, and the regime change agents who suppress the Republic forever are all acting together in conspiracy.

5 Ways to Win a Presidential Election

You win or lose in a competition. An election is not a competition. There is no victory or defeat in a Democratic election, but only the decision of the citizens at a given time and space. However, most citizens of the Republic of Sri Lanka are not educated enough, wise enough or mature enough to understand these core concepts. Therefore let me use the same vulgar terms for the time being. I would like to present the following tactics for the benefit of the 35 candidates of the 2019 presidential election.

Why the Government is responsible for the Easter Sunday destruction

“I don’t know.” “Nobody told me.” “I wasn’t invited to the security council.” “My Daddy knew about the attacks so he told me not go to church.” “My security personnel were told a week ago.” “We told them, but they didn’t listen.” “This didn’t happen yet in the Disney World.” “Now it’s all done and over.” “We expected blasts, but not this big blasts.” “Hotels should make their own security.” “Foreign terrorists cannot be prosecuted in Sri Lanka.” “There had been far worse.” “Sirisena and Ranil didn’t work together.” “Make use of me at least now.” “Don’t take political advantage now.” “Please let’s all work together now.” Blah blah blah. I refuse to accept these Baila talks. I will not fall for such insensitive, childish, irresponsible claims.

Religious Freedom and Tolerance

A small church in Anuradhapura is on news these days. A group of youth from the surrounding area had harassed a dozen or so believers who came to their religious place of worship from the nearby villages on Sunday the 14th of April 2019, as they’ve been doing on every […]

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