The Republic will gradually return to normalcy starting from tomorrow. As citizens what must we do to make it happen?


Practice physical distancing. For the past month you did Social Distancing. That is to isolate yourself from the rest of the society. Physical distancing is going about your normal social activities but keeping at least arm’s length from one another.


1) Act without commotion. You don’t have to rush to buy food items or pump fuel anymore. Let the impatient ones proceed. You keep your distance and cool.

Wash your hands regularly with soap and keep them dry. Sanitise them each time you interact with an outsider such as a customer or a merchant.


2) Be patient at work and business. You have flexi time until 10.00 a.m. to report to work. Arrive early at the bus stop or train station. You stand aside and let the urgent crowd force into the vehicle. If the train is overcrowded, take the bus. If the bus is getting crowded get off and take another one with less passengers. Protect yourself. 

Don’t talk with other passengers. Mind your own business. Read a book. Don’t cough or sneeze loudly spraying all around. If you don’t have a face-mask, at least cover your face with a handkerchief when it happens. Don’t spit anywhere. 

Don’t eat from your seat. Take your breakfast either before you leave home or after you arrive at your office. Always eat at the designated canteen. Eating from your desk or cubicle is gross. Don’t gather around and eat from the same plate. Eating smaller portions and eating them on time will save you from many illnesses. 


3) Work conscientiously. Plan your daily work and finish it up early like a clever employee. Don’t waste time chatting while sipping bad Nescafe with colleagues. Keep focus and work from your desk. Keep your work-space clean and open to air circulation, and some sunlight if possible. Finish your work and leave office early.

If you can deliver your work from home at least on a few days during the week, do so after agreeing with your superior. In modern management it doesn’t matter how long you work or where you work from. What matters is how much work you do and to what quality. Your high work standards are very important to overcome the economic challenges being faced by the Republic.


4) Don’t go to crowded places. Try to avoid restaurants, bars, playgrounds, parks, cinemas and the likes. You MUST not attend political meetings or rallies, where you will only find the people who are unable to understand these basic points. Think again whether you should cast your Sovereign votes to the candidates who organise such meetings. 


5) Take special care of the elderly who are sick. If you have a 70+ aged family member with illnesses be extra vigilant about his/her health. It’s wise for them to maintain social distancing. Keep them in a separate room and take care of them with love and compassion. If you are coming from outdoors, make sure you thoroughly clean yourself before meeting them.


6) Maintain your family’s good health. Eat grains, vegetables and fruits. Drink hot water from time to time. Don’t take foods and beverages which you know will give you a cold. Don’t take night baths. Follow the age old common sense practices to keep yourself healthy.

If any of your family members have symptoms or if you think you may have contracted the disease, don’t panic and do this private self-assessment online. Follow the instructions given at the end. Note that this is NOT a diagnosis. 


7) Understand the issue Scientifically. While you do all of this, there is a chance that the number of new cases would increase. That’s normal and unavoidable. But remember that it will also decrease soon. The vast majority of the infected get healed. So don’t panic and just do what you have to do, to the best of your ability. Don’t travel to areas reported to have high numbers of cases. Indefinitely postpone your vacation trips.


8) Cut down all unnecessary expenses and get used to a simple lifestyle. Stop wasting time while at home talking to neighbours and friends, and start your own enterprise. We just entered a cyclical global financial recession. It’ll probably drag for the next two years. So every Rupee you earn will help your family. Stop doing unethical, illegal, cutthroat business. Become creative social entrepreneurs who create Social Impact.


9) Stop watching television and YouTube channels that spew jealousy, hatred, anger and stupidity. Keep your mind clean and sharp. Look for truthful information and data, and use your intelligence to analyse them before coming to any conclusions. Don’t let the racist journalists, crazy astrologers and fake priests fool you. Do NOT share hearsay and fake news.


10) Study your Religion or Dharma or Philosophy. Try to live by their teachings. Be happy about what you have. Spend time with your family with love, compassion and understanding. Stay in touch with your friends through phone and social media. Be happy always. Take life one day at a time.


Even the darkest hour has only 60 minutes.


Your friend with love
Eranda Ginige

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