The lost generation and the rise of the millennials

Where are the talented people who should be leading now in all sectors of Sri Lanka? A question that many ask. It’s a fair question. Where are the innovators in business? Where are the intellectuals in Education? Where are the creative in the Arts? Where are the competent in Public Service? Where are the leaders in politics? Where the hell are they?

In business we only see some ancient grandpas and grandmas (see the pictures of Board Members on Annual Reports). From schools to universities we only see lazy talkers. There’s nothing to say about the so called artists nowadays. Public Service is an inefficient cesspool. Politics… in politics we only see some old crooks. There must be a reason for this colossal breakdown of Human Resources in all sectors of the Republic? 


Age is important for anybody to rise to leadership positions in any sector. Getting tertiary education, starting from a lower grade and getting promoted gradually, working in a few companies and occupations, raising a family, having kids, becoming successful, unsuccessful and then successful again in life, mastering your talents and skills, building a house, travelling at least to a few countries, working with all kinds of people, facing the realities of the society, understanding the world dynamics and thus attaining reasonable maturity takes at least four decades in one’s life.

So a person comes to leadership between the ages of 45 and 55. That’s the best time of a person’s life. You have both knowledge and experience, you have both wisdom and physical strength, and you are driven by the motivation to create a legacy before you get any older. You rise to a company’s decision making positions only at that age. You create your masterpieces at that age. The best teachers are born at that age. That’s the age when the learned become philosophers, protestors become revolutionaries, preachers become enlightened. So where are the best of the best of that age in Sri Lanka?

Children of the 70’s

The best people who should be living between the ages of 45 and 55 were murdered in their early youth during 1987-88-89-90. For a state like Sri Lanka with its small population and low population growth rate, whether the death toll was 30,000 or 60,000, is still an unbearable loss in terms of generations. If those who were murdered then, at around the age 20 survived to live today they should be around the age of 50. They who were murdered must’ve been the ones who showed some leadership in the society. They must’ve been the ones who cared. They must’ve been the ones who dared. And the intellectual, artistic, social leaders who were guiding the youth at the time were also murdered.

The innovators who are supposed to be running billion dollar companies today were shot dead on those cold nights. The great intellectuals who are supposed to be teaching today were hanged inside torture chambers. The artists who are supposed to be living today were drowned in silent rivers. The wonderful people who should be leading in politics today were burned alive on rubber tires. Who killed the best people of that generation? It was none other than the barbaric Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) who has the audacity to ask us today what happened for the past 70 years; and the conniving United National Party (UNP) who’s flying to Geneva to protect human rights… right!

It was the Sinhala youth that were murdered the most by the UNP-JVP during 88-89 massacre. Then what happened to the Tamil generation of the same age? Part of them were taken out of Sri Lanka as children by their parents in the aftermath of the 1983 Black July orchestrated again by the evil UNP. Now in their 50s, some of those children are millionaires in other countries. They are acting against their motherland from abroad. The children who couldn’t get out were recruited as child soldiers by the LTTE terrorists and later died in the battlefield.

The weaklings who escaped all above suppression are living at around the age 50 today. There’s not much use from those remnant samples. Many of them with their disturbed minds are dangerous social cancers.

Rise of the millennials 

The generation born after the above lost generation is called the millennial generation. They were born from 1980 to 2000. I am one of the first of that generation. People of my generation spent their youth parallel to the rapid technological revolution in the birth of the second Millennium. We are the youngest generation that were exposed first to the global knowledge through the internet. We started using the mobile phone in our youth. We are the last generation that will remember the 30 year war.

Part of our generation was also lost to the war. But for our fortune, the war ended before it became another generational murder. Therefore I’m grateful to all those who led and made great sacrifices to end the war. People of my generation will cross 45 years of age in the decade starting from 2020. Thus they will take over the leadership positions of all sectors in the coming decade. People of my generation are more sensitive to social, environmental, economic, cultural and political issues around us and understand them with scientific knowledge about the wider world.

My generation rise to leadership by skipping the leadership gap of the above lost generation. Therefore it will bring a great culture shock. The old generation will soon be removed by nature. The remnant children of the 70’s will retreat. But the old ghosts are back in action to stop the millennials. The cursed son of the Satanic father of 88-89 and the fascist Prince wrapped in a white National cape, and the regime change agents who suppress the Republic forever are all acting together in conspiracy.

Will you let our generation also go to loss in a new war? Or will you give this generation a chance to prosper? The decision is yours.

Eranda Ginige
18 October 2019
In the Republic.

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